Magnus provides a caring and individualised service. He is accommodating and goes out of his way to achieve the client’s goals and needs. He has a trustworthy nature, and a relaxed and friendly manner that appeals to those whose care is entrusted to him 


It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Magnus within an NDIS framework. He has shown depth in understanding the sector, professionalism, and an individualistic approach to support. I would highly recommend Magnus' services to anyone needing disability supports.

Support Coordinator @The Plan Assist Co.

Magnus has supported Ben every Tuesday for almost a year, and I am extremely happy with this arrangement. 


Ben & Magnus have a wonderful relationship, and this is testament to Magnus’ passion for caring and assisting people with a disability to access the community, enhance and discover their creativity through art, cinematography and nature. 


Magnus’s day with Ben is varied and beneficial to what Ben likes and the environments in which he thrives. To witness Ben’s enthusiasm to attend his Tuesdays with Magnus is truly uplifting and reiterates how wonderful and rewarding their relationship is. 


Magnus also displays professionalism in communicating with me in regard to their activities and any concerns he may have in relation to Ben.


I would highly recommend Magnus as a support worker, he is passionate, honest, reliable and cares about his clients and their individual needs.

Paradise Point

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Magnus for about 8 years in various disability and mental health programs such as in-home support, community access with large groups and Hub support. Magnus’ person-centred approach is second to none giving his all to ensure his clients have the time and care that they deserve. Magnus has exceptional organisational skills and is cool calm and collected in any situation. I would have no hesitation in recommending Magnus and Enliven Support to anyone, they will not be disappointed. 

We’ve been working with Magnus for over a year now and I have to say he is definitely one of the best carers we’ve ever had.He treats his clients as a best friend, is able to completely understand their personality, never patronising, shows respect, tunes into his clients’ situation and ensures that every outing
is a positive one.If you’re looking for a support worker to act as a good friend
a true buddy that shows compassion and understanding, then Magnus is
your man.

Magnus quickly became a leader within our team. Peers would seek Magnus' advice, guidance and direction when faced with various challenges. Magnus' support of his peers always ensured client safety, dignity and optimal support were consistently delivered. Magnus' openness, transparency and integrity are qualities that he is both known for and very proud of.


Former Colleague

Surfers Paradise