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Hey there! 

We're an Independent Disability Support Service located on Queensland's Gold Coast. We're passionate about what we do and take pride in offering small groups and personalised support.


As an independent provider, we prioritise exceptional service delivery, ensuring a high level of engagement and support. Our focus is on closely addressing your goals, tailoring support to your needs, and maintaining open, transparent relationships with your family or coordinator.

Based in Nerang, our Creative Hub functions as an Artistic Studio equipped with all the necessary tools, from CriCut Machines to iPads, Macs, scanners, printers, and video green screens. Whatever your creative idea may be, we're equipped to bring it to life. And every good studio needs a chill-out zone — we have that too! Take a break to play PlayStation or Switch, read a magazine, or watch some YouTube.

Feel free to reach out anytime! We'd be delighted to give you a tour of our space and work together to tailor supports that enrich your life's journey."

Magnus and Chryslyn

Who are we?

Magnus, a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in the disability sector, holds degrees in education and visual arts. He began his career as a Special Needs Education teacher and has since propelled his business to success through unwavering dedication and diligent efforts. Now entering its fourth year of operation, Magnus's business stands as a testament to his commitment and expertise.

Chryslyn, a former corporate graphic designer, now excels at creative problem-solving in our Creative Hub. With a background in arts and business, she merges her expertise to support individuals with disabilities. Following the 2019 bush fires, she participated in a creative community recovery project, which encompassed a documentary, murals, exhibitions, and an art book, all aimed at fostering unity and facilitating healing.

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