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Daniel came to our service after moving from Melbourne to the Gold Coast hinterland in late 2020. A sociable and inquisitive young man he was keen to immediately explore his local community to familiarise himself with the surroundings and meet as many people as possible expand his social network.

To achieve his goals we discussed with Daniel and family about creating an opportunity for him to kick-start a self sustaining initiative by collecting cans from within his local community. Not only is this a great chance for Daniel to connect to the wider community it also gives him an opportunity to learn multiple skills such as - recycling, money handling and organisation skills.

Daniel initially purchased 12 large bins and decorated them with big, bright, bold colours to reflect his colourful personality. We put the word out via local community channels and were humbled by the immediate and supportive response. Over the last 12 months Daniel has gone on to invest in his initiative by purchasing more bins and continues to actively seek out new members to support his endeavour. To date - Daniel has recycled and saved 9,650 cans and bottles from landfill, which is an amazing achievement!

Daniel and his family continue to be active members of their local community and thoroughly enjoy the country life away from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne.

Official Queenslanders!